Westland Whirlwind Aeroplane Woodcut Print


This hand carved and handprinted single colour woodcut print of an early RAF is printed onto hand made Japanese Ho-Sho paper.

I really love this little print. Firstly the Westland Whirlwind was a great looking little plane from WW2, but it just didn’t make it into longer term use and was mothballed in 1943. Pilots loved to fly it, but due to the speed of wartime development & production small faults were seen as bigger issues and the Whirlwind lost out to others like the Typhoon. Despite this, whoever designed it understood how to make a beautiful looking aircraft!

Each print for sale is signed by me and makes the perfect gift or addition to your walls.

Paper dimensions are 396 x 281mm.

Please be aware that each print is unique and may have small imperfections.

This print will be shipped to you carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube or in a stiff flat envelope.

Additional information

Dimensions 396.00 × 281.00 mm


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